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YAKA Finance is gearing up for multiple airdrops, ensuring fair token allocation to all community members. Additionally, YAKA Finance operates a points system, rewarding users for various activities such as utilizing the protocol's Swap and Liquidity features, engaging in testnet activities, and participating in the referral program.

About YAKA Finance

YAKA Finance is a DeFi protocol on the Sei Network, aiming to revolutionize DeFi with its Launchpad and DEX. Unlike traditional DEXs, YAKA Finance focuses on both user-friendliness and ecosystem integration, serving as a liquidity hub within the SEI ecosystem. It integrates the liquidity flywheel of VE (3,3) with a launchpad, creating an optimal environment for SEI trading and attracting protocol participation.

One of its innovative features is the introduction of Yaka Voyager NFTs, which offer minters and stakers a share of the YAKA token airdrops and the DEX trading fees, aligning them with the long-term vision of YAKA Finance. The protocol also won 1st place in the Code Sei Hackathon and received grants from the ecosystem, showcasing its innovation and competitiveness. Additionally, YAKA Finance implements a revenue-sharing model, allocating 50% of the funds raised for liquidity and liquidity incentives, and optimizing minting quantities to incentivize early supporters.

The platform features two tokens:

  • $YAKA: This serves as the utility token and is provided to liquidity providers through emissions.
  • $veYAKA: This functions as the governance token in the format of an NFT. Liquidity providers can stake $YAKA and acquire $veYAKA, which grants them voting rights.

$YAKA Airdrop Strategy Guide

  1. Visit the YAKA Finance testnet page
  2. Connect your Compass wallet to Yaka Finance to get started.
  3. Acquire testnet $SEI tokens by visiting https://atlantic-2.app.sei.io/faucet. Connect your wallet and Discord account, then request testnet $SEI tokens. You'll receive 5 $SEI tokens daily in your wallet. For additional testnet $SEI tokens, consider joining Yaka Finance's Discord community.
  4. Achieve all four milestones which include:
    a. Completing Swaps in 4 Specific Pools 
    b. Providing Liquidity in 4 Specific Pools 
    c. Completed Lock Testing
    d. Completed Vote Testing
    e. Completed launchpad Testing.
  5. Swap between testnet SEI, YAKA, USDT, and USDC. Visit https://app.yaka.finance/#/swap. Each transaction you make on the testnet will earn you 10 points towards the airdrop.
  6. Add liquidity by visiting https://app.yaka.finance/#/pools, select a pool, and add assets to the pool.
  7. Gain referral points by inviting your friends using your own referral code or link
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