Airdrop Hunting Guide

Airdrop Hunting Guide

What is an Airdrop?

An “Airdrop” in the context of Web3 refers to the practice of distributing free tokens to the wallet addresses of active members of a Web3 community. This method is commonly used by Web3 projects to incentivize participation, create awareness, or reward loyal community members.

Useful Tips before you begin Airdrop Hunting

  • Always use a separate wallet for airdrop hunting. Avoid exposing your main wallet to potential risks.
  • Always have an alias Twitter account for airdrop hunting. Especially knowing you may be requested to Follow, Retweet and Share content.
  • Highly recommended, have 2 sets of Browser. Either Chrome and Brave. Where one of the browser is strictly for airdrop hunting, and you have all your wallet extension installed too.
  • Be wary of airdrops that require excessive personal information or private keys. Legitimate airdrops will never ask for your private keys or substantial personal details.
  • Some airdrops may require KYC. If you choose to do, so I highly recommend you doing your research to see if it's safe enough.
  • Being an active member of various blockchain communities can increase your chances of receiving airdrops. This includes engaging in forums, social media groups, and other platforms where airdrops are often announced.
  • Research the project behind the airdrop. A legitimate project will have a detailed white paper, a transparent road map, and an active development team.
  • Be aware of the potential tax implications of receiving airdrops in your country. In some jurisdictions, airdrops are considered taxable income.
  • It's advisable to have a solid VPN.
  • To avoid being labelled as a syblis wallet, try interacting with multiples dapps. If you're on a different chain, maybe buy some random tokens / NFTs.


Airdrop hunting on the Web3 Ecosystem.

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