abi has recently launched their own testnet as well as their “Voyagers Event” quest campaign.

About Tabi

Tabi, previously known as “Treasureland”, is a highly advanced marketplace that uses NFTs and games to bridge Web2 to Web3. The goal is to transform digital ownership by creating the Web3 wonderland of the future. As of late, investors including Animoca Brands and Binance have contributed $11 million to Tabi's funding campaign.

  1. Visit the Tabi Official Website.
  2. Create an account
  3. Use any of the following codes for entry: “0uzov”, “DH45Y”, “uxlyy”, “ABpVM”, “TJoCI”, “7o6A1”
  4. Sailor's Quest: Go to the TABI Quest port page, follow the six steps, and retrieve an Iron Artifact Chest and a Phoenix Feather NFT.
  5. Invite Quest: Earn referral points by inviting friends to earn Dragon Eggs NFT and Artifact Chest NFT. The more invites you gain successfully, the more rewards you get, which include rarer artifact chests.
  6. Reddit Quest: Complete assigned tasks on Reddit to get a Spellbook NFT and a Reddit Creed NFT. Reddit score and account age are two elements that influence how rare your Reddit Creed  NFT may be.
  7. Additionally, you can participate in Voyager's independent task called the "Mermaid Quest". During map exploration, adventurers are met with a mermaid for which the players decide on assisting her or not. Make sure you have enough $ETH for gas fees and for minting rewards on zkSync Era.
  8. You may also earn points by claiming by completing Tabichain quests on Zealy.
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