NYAN Heroes

NYAN Heroes

The play-to-earn campaign will be the first chance for members of the Nyan Heroes community to acquire the $NYAN token, which will serve as the core for Nyan Heroes' economy as well as all current and upcoming game releases under the Nyan Heroes universe. There will be a total of 3 phases before their airdrop launch, with their campaign currently already on its second phase.

About Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes is a play-to-airdrop team game featuring small cats piloting mechs. $13 million has been raised by @nyanheroes from private investors, including Solana Ventures. Mechanism Capital and Delphi Ventures are among the investors who have contributed funding to Nyan Heroes. Their aim is to develop an immersive IP-driven shooter game that appeals to mid-core shooter enthusiasts of all genders and ages.


  1. Go to the Nyan Heroes airdrop website.
  2. Link your Twitter account.
  3. Use the referral code "cryptxling" as you finish signing up.

You'll receive 400 MEOWS.

  1. Points are what MEOWS are. You will receive more NYAN tokens the more MEOWS you earn.
  2. To get extra MEOWS, finish the remaining missions.
  3. Get extra MEOWS for referring friends.
  4. After the token is live, the MEOWS will be exchanged for NYAN tokens.
  5. Be a holder of any Nyan Hero or Guardians NFT to gain early access to play the game
  6. Make sure to link your account to Epic Games.
  7. If you don’t have one, you can create an Epic Games account.
  8. Add Nyan Heroes to your wishlist on Epic Games.
  9. Early Access through Epic Games is on March 26th.
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