Nifty Island

Nifty Island

Everyone may now play the Nifty Island Open Beta for free.

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to win large and set out on an exciting journey with the $ISLAND Play-to-Airdrop campaign. A free Island is given to every new account, offering a platform for gameplay and creation. Additional islands can be unlocked in due course.

About Nifty Island

On the player-driven GameFi platform Nifty Island, users create, compete for rewards and participate in team gaming while exploring user-made islands. It integrates creativity with gaming by letting players build their own islands and participate in multiple types of game modes.

$NIFTY Airdrop Strategy Guide

  1. Open the Nifty Island Airdrop website.
  2. Register and verify your eligibility for an airdrop.
  3. To gain Points & Blooms, download and play the Nifty Island game frequently.
  4. To increase your point total, use Blooms to purchase NFT rewards from the Nifty Island Marketplace.
  5. To get the most $ISLAND tokens allotted to you, share the referral link for your island.
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