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The Mode Sunrise Mainnet & Airdrop 1, which offers a 550 million $MODE token pool (5.5% of total supply) that may be claimed by April 2024, marks the next step in Mode Network's journey. With this significant achievement, Modular DeFi L2, a new degree of decentralized finance, is explored.

Unlike conventional campaigns, the Mode points system has been meticulously designed to offer the best incentives by PhD holders and experts in economic design. This strategy makes sure that everyone can benefit from rewards and innovation.

About Mode

Mode Network is a scalable Ethereum Layer-2 platform that prioritizes collaborative on-chain experiences, aiming to empower users and serve as a hub for top-tier applications. It incorporates Sequencer Fee Sharing and leverages Optimism's Bedrock upgrade, achieving a balance between shared growth and reduced fees, making transactions up to 95% more cost-effective.

Mode is made to facilitate the quick building and deployment of EVM-compatible applications utilizing Optimism's OP Stack. Its goal is to make it possible for users and developers to foster an active ecosystem of top-notch applications and to profit directly from their efforts through contract-secured revenue and referral  programs.

Be eligible for the $MODE token airdrop by:

  1. Go to the Mode airdrop page.
  2. Enter the invite code “sfeqoy”.
  3. Connect your Twitter account.
  4. Connect your wallet.
  5. Earn points based on your past on-chain activity with DeFi protocols and NFTs on other networks.
  6. Bridge some ETH, USDT, USDC, or WBTC from the Ethereum mainnet to Mode to secure your points. These tokens can be obtained from Binance.
  7. Bridge more tokens to earn additional points based on the duration these assets remain on Mode.
  8. Users who bridge within the first seven days will receive a 1.2x points multiplier.
  9. Refer friends to earn 16% of the points they collect during the campaign.
  10. Use the ecosystem apps mentioned on the airdrop page to earn double points.
  11. The points you earn will be converted to MODE tokens at the token launch.
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