Mocaverse has revealed that it is going to launch the "MOCA" coin and has acquired $31.88 million in financing from investors including Polygon Ventures and OKX Ventures. They have started their own shards campaign and point system where users may earn points and shards by signing up, minting their MOCA ID, and completing tasks. When the token goes live, users that gather enough points and shards can receive an airdrop.

For the remarkable family of businesses, projects, investments, shareholders, and partners of Animoca Brands, Mocaverse is their own membership NFT collection. These digital beings, which are divided into five tribes: Neo-Capitalists, Dreamers, Builders, Angels, and Connectors, represent the essence of collaboration in the digital sphere.

$MOCA Airdrop Strategy Guide

  1. Go to the Mocaverse campaign website.
  2. If a holder, you can register with a Moca NFT.  Otherwise, use invite code "B00J37WL7J"  to join the campaign.
  3. Create a Realm account using your Metamask wallet or an email address.
  4. After choosing a name , mint your Moca ID.
  5. To get points in the form of RP (Realm Points), go to the missions tab and complete all tasks.
  6. In order to gain extra RP, you might also invite your friends.
  7. Go to the Shard Rush page and complete the tasks to earn Shards.
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