Completing missions, polls, and quizzes will earn you free CUBEs from Layer3. A pop-up confirming your eligibility will appear after you have gathered a total of 100 CUBEs. Additionally, the team has hinted on the introduction of $L3, possibly indicating that the token launch may not be too far off.

Layer3 is an interactive quest platform that enables web3 users to learn in a fun, engaging, and rewarding manner. Over 800,000 users have been prompted by the platform to complete over 27 million on-chain operations.


  1. Go to the Layer3 website and create an account with your wallet.
  2. To gain free points and CUBEs, click "Quests" and finish the many tasks and quizzes on the page. Make sure to finish all CUBEs quest from this point as well.
  3. In order to obtain more than 100 CUBEs, make sure to finish as many missions as you can. A pop-up indicating your eligibility confirmation will appear after you have accumulated more than 100 CUBEs. Users are also requested by Layer3 to mint CUBEs in order to optimize their rewards.
  4. Additionally, the team has stated that $L3 is on the way, which may be a sign that the token launch is imminent. Users who collect enough cubes CUBEs may receive an airdrop in the event that their token becomes operational.
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