Lava Network

Lava Network

Although lava does not currently have a governance token, they have recently introduced the magma point system that can be a vital requirement for a possible airdrop.


Lava Network is a modular blockchain network with a strong focus on indexing and remote procedure calls for data access. It sets out specs, a modular primitive that enables developers to add support for other chains and data services to the core protocol with authorization. The protocol initially supports RPC, but we will soon add extra capabilities by integrating with indexing and API partners, like Subsquid.


  1. Go to Lava's points page.
  2. Proceed after entering this invite code “XMDQX”.
  3. Connect your wallet then sign the message.
  4. Follow them on Twitter and join their Discord channel.
  5. Next, navigate to your profile.
  6. Copy the RPC URL after choosing a network from the list that is provided.
  7. At the moment, Lava supports Axelar, StarkNet, Ethereum, and Near.
  8. Navigate to your connected wallet, pick the network for which you want to modify the URL, and then update the RPC URL to the copied value before saving the changes.
  9. As soon as you use the wallet to check your balance, make transactions, interact with dapps, and other activities, you will start to get points.
  10. Additionally, people who join Lava through your referral link/code will earn you 10% of whatever points they themselves earn.
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