With a $7.1 million fundraising campaign and a $39 million valuation, GRVT is a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange that offers 100% self-custody and complete control over your wallets and private keys. Points are awarded to both you and the individuals you are able to invite during the referral campaign. These points will hopefully be converted into possible incentives and ultimately -- a $GVT airdrop.

About GRVT Exchange

By fusing the advantages of both worlds, GRVT closes the gap between CeFi and DeFi. From the CeFi perspective, GRVT provides an interface that is easy to use, has a high throughput centralized trading platform, and has effective order book trading. On the DeFi side, GRVT separates settlement and trading activities to enable safe and trustless trading through the use of blockchain technology and self-custody. By combining the greatest features of CeFi and DeFi, this hybrid strategy offers users a seamless and cutting-edge trading experience.


  1. Go to the GRVT Rewards Page
  2. Sign up using your email.
  3. Use referral code: ISFPYUM
  4. Earn Raffle tickets by completing the tasks found in the task library
  5. Raffle tickets allow you to open the zksync mystery box
  6. You can also earn points by using your referral code to invite friends
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Airdrop hunting on the Web3 Ecosystem.

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