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Gomble Games, which has received backing from well-known investors such as Binance Labs and Polygon Ventures, is about to debut its token, "GOMBLE." In addition, they have started an airdrop campaign in which users may earn points—represented as mystery marbles—by performing easy tasks. Following the Token Generation Event, those who earn these points will get free GOMBLE tokens (TGE).


The goal of Gomble Games is to create a growth framework that will facilitate the large-scale production of different types of out-game assets. To put it plainly, they want to use blockchain technology to make gaming more enjoyable.

$GOMBLE Airdrop Strategy Guide

  1. Visit the Gomble Games airdrop page.
  2. Sign up using your Google or Apple account. You may also connect with your wallet.
  3. Complete simple tasks on the quests page to earn points, represented as mystery marbles.
  4. Stake BNB, USDT, or USDC in the "Staking" section to earn additional mystery marbles. If you don't have these tokens, you can acquire them from Binance.
  5. Play the game in the "Dare" section to earn even more mystery marbles.
  6. Join Gomble’s official Discord.
  7. On Discord, level up on your role within the server by interacting with their community through their general chat.
  8. Participate in the server’s in-game challenges. Download Gomble's game applications and play on mobile. In-game challenges will require you to post a screenshot of your game results.
  9. Gomble Games has confirmed that users who participate in the airdrop campaign will receive free GOMBLE tokens. The number of mystery marbles collected will determine the amount of the airdrop after the Token Generation Event (TGE).
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