Carv Protocol

Carv Protocol

The CARV Protocol has begun their Soul Drop Campaign, making Data-to-Earn (D2E) Era a possibility for its users. Participants can earn daily $SOUL, which will later be converted into $ARC tokens at the Token Generation Event (TGE). To qualify for the airdrop of free ARC tokens, users must visit the CARV Protocol and mint a CARV ID. Completing additional tasks and referring friends can earn users more ARC tokens.

About Carv Protocol

With consent-driven, privacy-centric methods, CARV aims to enable users to have data self-sovereignty and to share revenue created from data fairly. CARV Protocol and CARV Play are two important ecosystems that support this objective.

CARV Protocol is revolutionizing web3 ID infrastructure within the gaming sector, allowing players to showcase their achievements securely. The project recently secured $4M in funding at a valuation of $60M, with backing from Vertax Venture and Hashkey.

At its core, CARV Protocol prioritizes user-centric data management, empowering individuals to aggregate, own, manage, and monetize their identity and data in a manner that respects consent and prioritizes privacy.

$SOUL / $ARC Airdrop Strategy Guide

  1. Visit the CARV airdrop page.
  2. Click on "Login" and connect your wallet.
  3. Change the network to opBNB.
  4. Acquire some BNB on the opBNB network from Binance and withdraw it to the opBNB network.
  5. Mint a CARV ID to begin earning SOUL.
  6. Click on "CARV" and then "Top up BNB" to receive an opBNB Smart Wallet address where you can send BNB.
  7. Mint your CARV ID.
  8. Bind accounts such as Metamask, Discord, etc., in the "Account binding" section to earn more SOUL.
  9. Click on ".play Name Service" from the top right and mint a domain.
  10. Mine and claim daily SOUL available on Ronin, OpBNB, Zksync, and Linea.
  11. Participate and complete quests found on Carv’s Soul Challenge
  12. The SOUL points you earn will be converted to ARC tokens at the Token Generation Event (TGE).
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