BlockGames is a cross-chain player network that lets players make universal profiles and earn money from their gameplay. It is powered by the $BLOCK token, which promotes development in a vibrant gaming community.

Early access to the network and immediate benefits are provided through the BlockGames Dice NFT collection.

30,000,000 $BLOCK tokens will be given out by BlockGames to users who sign-up and collect points.

$BLOCK Airdrop Strategy Guide

  1. Go to the BlockGames’ official airdrop page.
  2. Use your email to register.
  3. To get points, play games, complete your profile, and connect your wallet and Twitter account.
  4. To play games, you must download the BlockGames app and scan the QR code.
  5. You can earn more social points by how much you like, RT, quote RT, and reply to @GetBlockGames and other users who are also tweeting about BlockGames on X. You will also earn addition social points by mentioning “$BLOCK” and @GetBlockGames in individual tweets.
  6. Points are awarded based on the number of games played, challenges completed, and interactions with BlockGames on Twitter.
  7. Additionally, each referral will earn you extra points.
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