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The official launch of $BERA, Berachain's native coin, has been announced. Users may be eligible to get a $BERA Airdrop if they engage and participate early on in their recently launched public Berachain tesnet, "Artio." The Artio testnet offers users an early look at what Berachain has in store for the future thanks to a significant $42M investment from investors including dao5 and Polychain Capital.

About Berachain

Berachain is a Layer 1 blockchain with high performance and compatibility with EVMs, based on the Proof-of-Liquidity consensus process. By aligning network incentives, this strategy promotes solid collaborations between different initiatives in the ecosystem and Berachain validators. Berachain, which is based on the Polaris framework, uses the CometBFT consensus engine to improve the usefulness and security of decentralized apps.

The three main tokens in the ecosystem are the $HONEY stablecoin, $BGT, which is used for governance through liquidity provision, and $BERA, which is used for transaction processing. These tokens guarantee users a safe, entertaining, and well-balanced environment.

$BERA Airdrop Strategy Guide

Interact with the Berachain Artio Testnet

  1. Go to the Berachain testnet dApps page.
  2. Click on the faucet icon located in the top right corner to claim testnet BERA tokens.
  3. Navigate to Berachain’s Dex.
  4. Connect your wallet to the Dex.
  5. Change the network to Berachain testnet.
  6. Access the "Swap" feature and exchange some BERA for HONEY and other tokens.
  7. Navigate to the "Pools" section and provide liquidity.
  8. Visit the "Honey" section and mint some HONEY tokens.
  9. Proceed to BERPS, Berachain’s leverage trading platform.
  10. Connect your wallet to BERPS.
  11. Engage in long and short trades on the platform.
  12. Go to the "Vaults" section and stake some HONEY.
  13. Visit the "BEND" section to supply or borrow assets.
  14. Berachain's ecosystem includes three tokens: BERA, BGT, and HONEY.
  15. BERA is the network token used for paying gas fees, while BGT is a governance token that cannot be transferred and is acquired by depositing liquidity in the native BEX. BGT can also be exchanged 1:1 for BERA, and HONEY is Berachain's stablecoin.
  16. Testnet participants may receive a BERA airdrop when the mainnet is launched.

Participate in Galxe Berachain quests

  1. Visit the March of the Beras campaign on Galxe.
  2. Complete and verify all tasks.
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