Parallel Finance

Parallel Finance

Parallel Finance has launched their Early Access Testnet, providing a preview of omni-chain finance's future with a cutting-edge UI/UX for simpler, quicker, and more intuitive lending. Seize the chance to acquire Parallel Diamonds, which you can later exchange into $PARA governance tokens.

About Parallel Finance

Offering lending, staking, and borrowing options within the Polkadot ecosystem is Parallel Finance, a decentralized money market protocol. It is an L2 solution in which all liquidity is centralized. Parallel Finance has a total of $34,000,000 in investment. With features like sponsor gas, WebAssembly execution, and fraud proofs, Parallel Network makes DeFi simpler and offers users an all-in-one solution.


  1. First claim test sepolia ETH through this faucet.
  2. Use the Testnet Superbridge to transfer ETH Sepolia to Parallel Testnet.
  3. Go straight to https://app-staging.parallel.fi and integrate the network with your wallet.
  4. Next, utilize the “Apps” and “Wallet” buttons on the same screen to get test tokens.
  5. Go to "Deposit" and accomplish the process
  6. Click Transfer to execute process between token and NFTs.
  7. Go to “Lending” and proceed by providing liquidity
  8. Go to “AAVE” and execute deposit and withdrawal opperations
  9. Go to “Airdrops”. Enter Code “75464”.
  10. If code is no longer valid, newer codes can be found on Parallel Finance’d official Discord server.
  11. Take part in daily on-chain activities to earn Diamonds.
  12. Earn 20% more from your own direct referrals as well as an additional 10% on their future referrals.
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