Everyone has an allotted amount of internet bandwidth each month, yet it's rare for anyone to fully utilize it. Grass offers a platform where you can monetize this unused bandwidth. With a set of user-friendly applications, Grass operates seamlessly in the background of your phone or computer, enabling you to earn passive income by sharing a resource you weren't even aware was valuable.

Please note, it's only speculation that they will do an airdrop. But here is a brief overview of potential airdrop.

Grass Airdrop Strategy

  1. Visit GetGrass.io (You need an Invitation code so please use this link https://app.getgrass.io/register/?referralCode=BaZGKkGX1py2bAA
  2. Sign up.
  3. Login and tap on “Connect” to download their extension.
  4. Install the extension on your browser and login.
  5. Once you are connected, you'll start earning points while browsing the internet.
  6. Also refer others get more points.
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Airdrop hunting on the Web3 Ecosystem.

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